Welcome to the Rest Stop

Welcome to the Rest Stop

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The time now is Fri Aug 2 06:43:30 UTC 2002

Every highway has it's rest stops, rest areas and scenic views. Although we think that the moniker "Information Super-highway" is a bit pretentious we want to provide the internet community with a place to stop, to rest, maybe browse or shop for a bit and to just take time out to smell the flowers.




Marriage Encounter


Bunny Crossing

Big Planet


We aim to please. If you have any suggestions for services and information that you'd like to see here, please send your suggestions to suggestions@reststop.com. Like all web sites, we are constantly under construction, so from time to time some services will change location. At any time, if you see something which doesn't appear to be working properly, send mail to webmaster@reststop.com.

Thank you for visiting our site and feel free to sign our guest book.

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