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In Northern California, the United Church of Christ expression of Marriage Encounter is a community of about 150 couples who have been encountered. It is a growing community and we welcome any interested couples who want to join. All you need is to have been an encountered couple from a UUC or other expression and want to become involved.

Once a couple has been encountered, they are given the opportunity to stay involved with the local community. There is no requirement or pressure of any kind and you need not be a member of the UCC faith to become involved. We also have ties to some of the other expressions in the area and can direct an encountered couple to the appropriate community group for more information.

Different expressions have different names for the active community groups. Whether you call it a "ring", "love circle", "flame", "spiral", "support group" or simply "community", the idea is the same. Encountered couples meet on a regular basis to participate in mini-encounters where various pre-planned topics are discussed and each couple practices what was learned on the encounter weekend. Some group discussion is involved in these meetings, but anyone may simply "pass" on any discussion or topic. No one is required to participate.

Love Circles in Northern California
Hayward Meets in the Hayward/Union City/Fremont area
Contact Clyde and Sandy Nachand
Pleasant Hill Meets in the Concord/Pleasant Hill area
Contact Jan and Mary Nijhuis
San Jose
Meets in the Hayward/Fremont/Milpitas/San Jose area
Contact Clyde and Sandy Nachand

We also have a M.E. Board which meets periodically. Its function is primarily to prepare for and host the weekends, but we sometimes participate in group discussion activities. The members of the board change from time to time as our commitments and time demands change. Our current board consists of:

UCC Northern California Marriage Encounter
Area Coordinators Clyde and Sandy Nachand
Booking Couple Rod and Pat Wolcott
Finance Couple Hop and Carol Jeong
Housing Couple John and Carol Wolfe
Interfaith Couple Clyde and Sandy Nachand
Newsletter Couple(s) Carl Baltrunas and Cherie Marinelli
Jan and Mary Nijhuis
Internet Coordinators
Web Pages
Carl Baltrunas and Cherie Marinelli
Rod and Pat Wolcott
Address List Couple Pat and Rod Wolcott
Prayer Couple Coordinators ---- available ----
Recruitment Couple Don and Betty Maynard
Supply Couple Jan and Mary Nijhuis

If you want further information about Marriage Encounter or about our local community please send email to, or postal mail to "Marriage Encounter Info, c/o Rod and Pat Wolcott, 7331 Lemonwood Way, Pleasanton, CA 94588-4881". If you are interested in signing up for a Marriage Encounter weekend in the Northern California (San Francisco/San Jose Bay Area) please use our information form or print a copy of our printed form, fill it in and mail it to:

        Marriage Encounter Registration
        c/o Rod and Pat Wolcott
        7331 Lemonwood Way
        Pleasanton, CA  94588-4881

and we will mail you a registration and information packet.

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