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As I Have Loved You

Marriage Encounter was originally started by the Roman Catholic Church as a way for married couples to enrich their lives and learn how to communicate not only their thoughts but their feelings for one another. Well, they found out that it really works and soon the idea was adopted by groups from many other faiths. Each of these groups are called "expressions" as they are all different expressions for the original ideas adapted to the framework of each indivual faith. At some level, these organizations are affiliated with World-Wide Marriage Encounter which provides for inter-faith communication of ideas and practices which have been successful in the various Mariage Encounter expressions.

Although Marriage Encounter is presented within the framework of a variety of different faith traditions and is associated with various churches world-wide, it is a self-run organization and is funded through member contributions. Each Marriage Encounter weekend is donated as a gift from one or more previously encountered couples for the benefit of new couples. We believe that the benefit we received is well worth providing that benefit to others. Please see the accompanying brochure for more information.


For more information about Worldwide Marriage Encounter and for locations and dates of upcoming weekends in your area, please call 1-800-795-LOVE (5683).

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