A Very Special Weekend Together
[A Very Special Weekend Together]

What is Marriage Encounter?

The Marriage Encounter Weekend is an experience designed to help married couples communicate more intimately with one another. It's a weekend away from home, family and responsibilities where in a comfortable environment a couple is guided in the discovery of new techniques of communicating and sharing with one another. Marriage Encounter is a weekend about love. It has been described as "the weekend that will enrich your life." It is not a retreat, but a program which gives couples the opportunity to look at themselves privately in a loving encounter. It is a positive building weekend which enhances the maritial relationship. Couples DO NOT share any aspect of their marriages with the group.

Who is Marriage Encounter For?

Marriage Encounter is for any couple desiring a richer, fuller marriage. Since every marriage can be improved, even the best marriages can find new meaning and deepend joys through the weekend experience. More than 2,000,000 couples in over 50 countries around the world have experienced the weekend. Marriages of a few months to more than 45 years have been enhanced and revitalized. Rich or poor, young or old, they have all found the weekend to be deeply meaningful for their marriages.

What Happens on an Encounter?

An atmosphere is created on the weekend where the couple can concentrate on one another free of the distractions, pressures and tensions of the world. The weekend begins on Friday night and runs through Sunday evening. The weekend is orderly, informative and structured. It is led by a team of lay couples and a pastoral couple. Through a series of presentations they give the husband and wife a rare opportunity to look at themselves and their marriage, and to become aware of their own feelings about various aspects of their marriage. Most of the couple's time on the weekend is spent learning and developing a technique of communication called dialogue. All dialogue sessions between the husband and wife are in the privacy of their own room.

What Marriage Encounter is NOT

Marriage Encounter is not a marriage clinic or a marriage counseling session. It is not a T group or a sensitivity group. It in no way attempts to solve any problems. Couples do NOT disclose their problems to the group. The weekend is NOT group oriented.

Is Marriage Encounter for all Faiths?

YES - anyone is welcome on a Marriage Encounter weekend. The weekends are given within the framework of a variety of different faith traditions. No attempt is made to force a religious viewpoint on couples. However, team couples share from their own faith. Thus, United Church of Christ weekends are presented by couples who are of the United Church of Christ. Our weekends are open to all couples.

What Does a Weekend Cost?

A $40.00 non-refundable and non-transferable registration fee is charged to confirm food and lodging. Each weekend is pre-paid by one or more couples who have been on a weekend before. The actual costs will be explained during the weekend. Each couple will have the opportunity (if they choose) to make a free will offering in a blank white envelope so that another couple may attend a weekend in the future. No one is REQUIRED to pay any more than the original $40.00 registration fee. Don't stay at home because you think you cannot afford it. No one is ever denied the opportunity to experience a Marriage Encounter weekend for their relationship because of a lack of funds.


This refreshing positive approach to communication in marriage offers an opportunity for growth. Give this gift to each other. Invest one weekend of your love for one another in a MARRIAGE ENCOUNTER WEEKEND.

The returns are Great!!!

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