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Welcome to the Information Kiosk. Here you will find jumping off points to information pages that we provide and other home pages of interest across the internet. As time goes by, we will be adding more pages to our kiosk and we are always open to suggestions. If you know of a great information page, let us know.

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Marriage Encounter Logo EWBR our bunny Artistic Roller Skating
Topsoft Globe Flowers for Cherie Bunny Crossing
Reboot Logo Cube Cart - eCommerce modified

[marriage encounter logo] Marriage Encounter Weekends are one of the best gifts a married couple can give to each other. Through Marriage Encounter a couple can open up new horizons and learn how to communicate their feelings and love for each other.
EWBR our bunny We are owners of two very fine pet house bunnies, EWBR and EWBRette. As members of the House Rabbit Society and the PetBunny mailing list at ukcc we want to share our experiences and valuable information about bunny rabbits and caring for bunnies as house pets with the world.
Topsoft Globe Topsoft, Inc. is a non-profit organization of programmers and Macintosh personal computer enthusiasts which meets weekly on the internet to work on various projects. It's premier product, FilterTop has finally been released after years in the making.
Reboot Logo "ReBoot" is a half-hour of computer animation that shown on Saturday morning television. It has great computer generated characters and backgrounds, and has good stories sprinkled with puns based on the computer industry.
Bunny Crossing Visit our bunnies in their "natural" habitat. (Actually a Rabbitat!) Every ten (10) minutes our nearly live BunnyCam captures a picture of our bunnies (or of whatever is in view of the camera) in their two-storey hotel, in the hallway or wherever we can follow them. Sometimes our dog Czazu gets in the picture instead.
If you are interested in amateur roller skating or ice skating this page is a place to find information and periodically view graphics showing individual or group skating events. Initially, we're showing pictures of ourselves when we competed in amateur roller skating, but we also have some pictures from past olympics with much better known skaters.
Over the years, I've collected snippets of Trivia from internet news articles and personal experience. The Macintosh Trivia Page is the result. These pages are under construction, so don't be alarmed at the dirth of information. I have reams of eMail to sift through and organize. Since I've started this section, I've been swamped.
Cube Cart - eCommerce modified Our company is now using CubeCart as it's default shopping cart system, and we offer some free information and modifications.


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