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Welcome to my Cube Cart™ Information Page. There's really not much here, except the information about my Free Mod(s). At this point, there's only 1, and it's a fairly trivial mod, but as things grow on my cart site, I'll be adding more things.

Cube Cart™ is a trademark of Devellion Limited, a UK company. All rights reserved.

Free Cube Cart Modifications

Allow "plus-addressing" in registered user eMail addresses

Allow users to register eMail addresses which use plus addressing, which is a powerful tracking and anti mail abuse capability. This modification patches the "classes/RFC822.php" module to allow an address with a plus-sign (+) to pass the validity test used for email addresses. It is a one-character change.

this modification has been tested with Cube Cart™ versions 3.0.10 through 3.0.14 and has been installed on my site Golden State Gift Baskets since October 2006.


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