Companion Rabbbit FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


The topics covered by this FAQ are:

This FAQ covers only a few topics on rabbit care. There are many more important topics, not available in this FAQ, but available in three other forms:

  1. The "House Rabbit Handbook"

    This is a most useful resource for new rabbit owners. It is more complete and in depth than the FAQ. (If this book isn't available locally, ask your bookstore or pet store to order and carry it). Or send $11 ($8.95 plus $2.05 postage) to:

                Drollery Press
                1524 Benton Street
                Alameda, CA  94501
  2. A packet of notes available from the Colorado Chapter of the HRS

    Topics covered include those in the FAQ, as well as additional ones such as "Finding a Good Rabbit Vet," "Rabbit Proofing Your Home," etc. Topics yet to be added, but that will be sent when completed are "Care of Rabbits Following Spays and Neuters" and "Summer- and Winter-Specific Dangers for Your Rabbit."

    To receive this packet, send $3.00 to help cover costs of copying and postage to:

                House Rabbit Society
                P. O. Box 238
                Broomfield, CO  80038-0238
  3. The "House Rabbit Journal"

    This is sent to all members of the HRS as part of its educational effort. It keeps members abreast of new developments in understanding and caring for our rabbit companions. To join the House Rabbit Society, send $12 (non-USA residents send $15) to

                House Rabbit Society
                1524 Benton Street
                Alameda, CA 94501

    You will receive the Journal whenever it is published, usually three or four times a year.

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