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House Bunny Information

There are several organizations which will assist owners of bunny rabbits with information and other helpful services. The most well known of these is the House Rabbit Society (or HRS) which has both national and local level chapters. We provide a copy of the current on-line Frequenty Asked Questions (FAQ) file which many menbers have found helpful. They also publish a newsletter which contains more information.

We are owned by two very fine house bunnies. Both are of the Netherland Dwarf breed and as full grown bunnies, they weigh in at a hefty three pounds and two pounds respectively. Their names are EWBR and EWBRette. The names may seem strange at first, but are actually formed by an acronym for Eensie Weensie Bunny Rabbit.


EWBR is named after a bunny that we met at a motor hotel in Sommerville, New Jersey on a business trip in the mid-1980s. We saw him nearly every day in the parking lot and almost ran over him the first time we saw him. After we stopped he scurried (hopped actually) over to the side of the boundary road in the parking lot and appeared to rest his front elbow on the curb just as you might rest a human elbow on a kitchen counter while turning to make a comment to a friend. We imagined that we was simply saying. "Well, I'm waiting, are you going to drive away now or wait until it gets dark?". We went on our way, out to dinner and looked for him the rest of our trip.

We got EWBR as a surprise left on the deck in our back yard a few weeks before Easter a few years ago. Since then, my wife had been on the lookout for a friend for him and last year while visiting the local Humane Society, someone brought in an almost identically colored female bunny. Well, to make a long story short, we now have a second bunny and since she is a little smaller and is of the female gender, we named her EWBR-ette without the '-' (hyphen).

Sometime in the near future, we will put up a couple of pictures of EWBR and EWBRette. We have the pictures, we just need to get them scanned in and uploaded to our web pages.

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