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Electric and Gas Utilities - Because of new deregulation laws, the $250 billion electrical utilities market is up for grabs. You can market electrical utilities across the U.S. and eventually the world as we become one of the first National and Global Providers of this utility.
Local and Long Distance Service - The 1997 World Trade Organization Resolution opens up deregulation of basic telecommunications in 69 countries controlling 95% of the world telecom markets! That s a Trillion dollar industry! Through our sophisticated Long Distance Program, you will be able to offer this service as well as Local Service due to the Telecom Act of 1996 passed by the U. S. Congress. A $90 billion market!
Internet Access and E-commerce - Forrester Research claims E-commerce on the Internet is expected to grow over 40 fold in the next 5 years from $8 billion in 97 to $327 billion by 2003. IBM Research indicates 550 million people will be connected to the Internet by 2001. This represents the fastest growing segment of consumer spending.
Wireless Services - Cellular phone usage is growing by 50% per year and the use of Paging Services is growing just as fast. One day soon, literally everyone will have one or both of these services. Will they get them from you or someone else?
Digital Broadcast Satellites (DBS) - There is an ever increasing demand for superior entertainment options and information services in the home. With exclusive programming availabilities and superior quality picture and sound, a DBS will be perched on every rooftop in the future.
Web T.V. - A new and simple way to connect to the internet. This service will greatly increase the numbers of people cruising the internet each day. You ll want a piece of this one!
Web Page Design - With all the confusion about web pages, web sites, search engines, formatting and exposure, we will offer a dynamic, simplified web page program wherein you can design your own web page using the skills you already have. Customize your site to attract the types of people your looking for and reflect your personal business image.
  Many more technology products and services will become available in the future. You will want to be there!

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