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About Catalyst Industries

A brief History

Catalyst Industries is the umbrella under which all of our other services reside.

Catalyst Industries began planning for opening our internet doors (so to speak) in early 1994. In the ensuing years, we have provided registration and account management services to shareware authors, on-line product and service program registrations and small business billing services.

The gentler half of our business is providing a limited partnership where our buyers provide a personal shopper service where we take your order and browse the fine jewelry and gift markets for that special gift for that special someone in your life. We take the time and trouble out of shopping and we pick only quality merchandise. Find out more by visiting the Bijoux section on our web site.

In 2002 we've broken the billing services mold and provide a full line of internet consulting services including local and remote systems administration, operator and administrator training, systems integration, system and product installation, and lecture and training classes on the internet, what it is, and how can you use it in your business and your life.

We are a business member of CAUCE and are avid promoters of marketing and doing business without SPAM.

Please patronize our services in return for our advocacy against others who continue to SPAM the internet with inappropriate postings and other breaches of netiquette. Thank You!

About the Owners

Catalyst Industries is owned and operated by Carl A. Baltrunas and Cherie Marinelli. Carl has had access to the internet off and on since early 1974 using guest accounts at MIT, deafnet and Tymshare's Office Automation systems on the arpanet. More recently his access has been through Tymnet, InternetMCI, Concert IP Select and the internal IP networks at MCI, Worldcom, Concert and BT. Business access has been through a2i Communications (a San Jose, CA Internet Service Provider) since 1994. In 1999 we contracted additional service through UrJet and IJNT which eventually became part of Sprint Broadband Services.

Cherie has worked with installing computer systems, analysing medical systems and managing hospital record systems since the late 1970's. More recently she has finished her studies with a degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering at San Jose State University. She runs Bijoux, the personal shopping service for fine jewelry and special gifts.

About the Principles

Our internet consulting service brings together a team of remarkable individuals, each having between 25 and 30 years experience in the Computer and Information Technology fields.

Carl Baltrunas has worked with computer systems since 1972. His initial exposure was to Digital's PDP-10 processor, the KA-10, followed by other processors such as the PDP-11, the Vax-11 series and the XKL Toad-1 using nearly every operating system ever run on Digital computers; networking with ANF-10, DEC-Net, DeafNet, the ARPAnet, Tymnet, InternetMCI and the Internet and hardware integration with equipment manufactured by DEC (or Digital), Tymshare, McDonnell Douglas, IBM, Sun Microsystems, Parity, Apple, and HP as well as many 3rd-party add-on peripherals. He has worked positions in User Support, Systems Programming, Operating Systems development and Customer Support, provided guidance to others as a Systems Architect, Project Management, Teacher and Entrepreneur.

Joe Smith (yes, his real name) has worked with electrical systems, sound systems, DEC PDP-10, PDP-8 and PDP11 systems since the mid 1970s. Networking with ANF-10, DEC-Net, Tymnet, InternetMCI, UUNet, Worldcom's On-Net and the internet. Hardware integration with audio-video and computer equipment using the DEC Robin, the Amiga, Sun Microsystems 68k and SPARC systems, McDonnell Douglas MicroData systems, Foonley and Tymshare XKL servers and peripherals. He has held positions in Development, Programming Support, Customer Support, Operations Support, Network Support, and worked as a Programmer, Developer, Systems Integrator, Project Mamager and Unix Support Guru.

Osman Guven has worked with computer systems since late 1970. He worked on SDS/XDS 940s, DEC PDP-10s, Tymshare Engines, Microdata Reality Systems, Sun Microsystems 68k and SPARC servers as well the newer Intel and IBM machines running various flavors of Unix, Linux and Solaris. His networking experience was with ARPAnet, Tymnet, InternetMCI, UUNet and Worldcom's On-Net as well as internal and external internets. Osman has held senior positions as a Computer Operator, Hardware Technician, Hardware Engineer, Operating Systems Programmer, Systems Administrator, Lab Administrator and Systems Administration Guru.

We have worked together on various projects, sometimes for competing companies since 1980 (Osman and Carl) and 1984 (all three). Together we have solved complex systems design issues, provided top customer service, designed and implemented major company-wide critical applications, supported networks and Unix servers on various hardware platforms, configured and installed nearly every version of SunOS and Solaris since version since SunOS 3.5 and Solaris 2.3. Worked on machines from DEC, IBM, STC, Ampex, Memorex, CDC, Sun, Apple, Intel, Compaq, HP and a myriad of peripheral vendors.

Together we work as a team, and that team is ready and willing to work for you.

Call us today for your Unix, Networking or Systems Administration problem!


We have a wide range of interests which runs the gamut from Amateur Figure Skating to Volunteering at the local San Jose Public Television station KTEH and and attending Scinece Fiction Conventions and interest in various popular TV shows.

Our menagerie of pets keeps us busy when we aren't working (or is it playing) at one of our other interests. Carl and Cherie have two puppies named Pixie and Peri and two house rabbits named EWBRette and Paddy. Their pictures may be found elsewhere on our web pages. Visit the Rest Stop Hotel and see our bunnies at home or at play. They reside in a double-decker townhouse made by Rabbitat, but are often found lounging in the grand ballroom or the spacious hallways of the Hotel. Joe has a kitten named Naomi around the house and you may visit with them at Chez Inwap. Osman has a dog named (hmmm) and at the moment pictures are not available on the net.

Our Location

Our business is located in Milpitas, California and we can be reached via telephone at (408) 945-9636 and postal mail at:

        Catalyst Industries 
        483 Alexander Way 
        Milpitas, CA 95035-4762

Thank you for using our service. Please reccommend us to your friends and associates.

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Carl A Baltrunas, Chief Architect and CEO
Cherie Marinelli, General Manager and CFO

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